Reflecting on Women’s Day: Empowering Change and Equality

Reflecting on Women’s Day: Empowering Change and Equality

Reflecting on Women’s Day: Empowering Change and Equality 

In commemoration of Women’s Day in South Africa, Channel Africa invited Oxfam South for a reflective session. The insightful perspective of Lebo Ramafoko, the esteemed Executive Director of Oxfam South Africa, enriched the discussions and shed light on crucial issues. 

Addressing Pressing Concerns 

Attention was turned to the pressing challenges that women face daily. Gender-based violence has, unfortunately, remained an undeniable reality, casting a shadow over countless lives. Yet, our shared commitment to fostering safer environments resonated not only within our nation’s borders but also echoed across the entire African continent.  

Bridging the Gap 

The gender pay gap, a persistent issue, also found its place in place in this conversation. Women’s month offers a moment to recognise the imperative of closing this divide. Equal opportunities and equitable compensation for the relentless dedication and hard work of all women should be prioritised. 

Nurturing Potential, Eradicating Harm 

Among the topics that demanded attention was the alarming prevalence of child marriages. Our collective consciousness acknowledges the significance of granting every child a proper childhood, unfettered access to education, and the freedom to dream. Therefore, our concerted efforts should be aimed not only to abolish this practice but also to nurture the boundless potential of young girls.  

United for Change 

Women’s Day served as a powerful reminder of our unity in pursuing a brighter future. Through purposeful dialogues, actionable initiatives, and unwavering support, we should empower women to dismantle barriers, surpass limitations, and thrive across every sphere of life.  

Listen to the conversation HERE.