Oxfam South Africa

Oxfam South Africa

South Africa has the potential to become a truly just, democratic and equitable society. One where all who live in it benefit from its wealth, can claim and enjoy rights and protections enshrined in the Constitution, and preserve the integrity of the natural environment for sustainable development. South Africa has a responsibility to use its voice, resources, global footprint and influence to contribute to a just African continent and world without poverty.  South Africa inhabits a world where systems of injustice impact its potential – a just South Africa is not possible in an unjust world.  It is this context that shapes Oxfam South Africa’s work, approaches and interventions. 

How we work and add value

Oxfam South Africa leverages its local to global footprint and access to 60 years of experience working for change to advance its goals. We work at multiple levels, employing a range of strategies and combine long-term development programming with catalytic, responsive and timeous interventions.

Our approaches include:

  • convening, brokering and mobilising action
  • research and analysis to influence public discourse and policy
  • improving lives by working directly with communities
  • building strategic partnerships and alliances
  • affirming indigenous knowledge and ways of doing
  • creative campaigning
  • leveraging resources and creating access to global networks
  • amplifying voices of most affected by poverty
  • connecting people in struggle to each other, to resources and new ideas
  • turning information into knowledge and knowledge into power


Oxfam South Africa

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