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Global Impact - International Programme - Oxfam South Africa

International Programme – Global Impact

Oxfam South Africa’s International Programme is underpinned by three key factors. The first is that the end of Apartheid represented a collective victory and established the “new” South Africa as a product of African and global solidarity, a profound testament that change is possible through the organised power of people. The second factor is that 22 years later, South Africa is a strong actor in affairs of its home region and continent, global multilateral institutions and processes as well as fully integrated into the global economic set up through its trade and investment footprint as well as that of those its trades with in its macro-economy. The socio-economic dynamics of South African society should therefore be understood through a local to global lens. We believe that South Africa has a responsibility to be a force for good in its home continent and world and can only thrive in a global economic order that is enabling of its own pursuit of a just society.

 Embedding a local to global approach to our programmes, our International Programme focuses on:

  • Strengthening civil society networks for a stronger people’s voice in global development,  governance processes and forums.
  • Monitoring and influencing the activities and role of the South African government and corporations in the Southern African Development Community (SADC) and the wider African continent.
  • Influencing South African and other development institutions, agencies and trading partners towards the promotion of inclusive economic growth models and pro-poor policies.
  • Building people-to-people solidarity through connecting people in struggle in South Africa with others on the Continent and world for enhanced organising power.
  • Advance delivery by South African, African and global actors on Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

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