Oxfam South Africa (OZA) is a social justice organisation working at the intersection of poverty and inequality. We are driven by the belief that South Africa has the potential to become a fair and just society and to stand for the same in the world. Established in 2014, OZA is the first autonomous member of Oxfam International (OI) in Africa. Our current programming focuses on South Africa and we connect continentally and globally. Oxfam International is a network of 20 Affiliates who together work in more than 90 countries across the world to end poverty and injustice. In South Africa, OZA builds on more than 3 decades of contribution to social justice by various Oxfam Affiliates who worked in this country as far back as the 60’s.

Reject Oil and Gas Exploration – Save our Oceans

Oxfam South Africa is supporting the Amadiba Crisis Committee’s calls to keep Shell away from our oceans.

As Oxfam South Africa, we will be joining activists at protests across the South African coastline on 5th December to call for an end to the the planned three-dimensional seismic survey because of its potential detrimental effect on noise sensitive sea life and the livelihoods of communities along the coast who survive on eco – tourism and subsistence farming.

NDB Briefing

NDB Briefing Paper

Inequality Virus Report

The Inequality Report

The Hunger Virus Multiplies


Inequality in SA Report

Inequality in South Africa Report

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