World Aids Day 2016

The South African theme for 2016 World Aids Day is “it’s in our hands to end HIV and TB”. We welcome this theme as we believe that it is possible to end HIV.

HIV/AIDS remains a crisis in South Africa where 7 million people are reported to be living with HIV/AIDS. As Oxfam South Africa this is a problem we cannot ignore.

According to the South African Department of Health (2016), approximately 3.1 million people are on antiretroviral drugs provided by about 3,600 health facilities. Despite South Africa having the world’ largest ARV treatment programme as a result, it is clear that this is not enough.

Today we are not only remembering those we have lost to HIV/AIDS. We are also demanding treatment for all. We celebrate those who continue to fight for a just global response to HIV/AIDS and against stigma and discrimination in our country.

We stand in solidarity with those who defend the rights and lives of people living with HIV/AIDS.