Leela Ramdhani

Head of Operations & Institutional Development

Leela Ramdhani is Head of Operations and Institutional Development. Leela explores the human condition in her various roles as mother, activist, non-conformist and Executive Coach. She brings 25 years of work experience in various corporate sectors ranging from Hospitality to Financial Services and Banking, and running entrepreneurial ventures.  Her last corporate role was Chief Learning Officer at Nedbank. After completing her MBA, she opted to venture out on her own consulting business before joining Oxfam South Africa in October 2015. Leela is able to hold multiple perspectives within global and local contexts. This is combined with an intrinsic competence and sense of people and behavioural issues that organisations face. This integrated approach is supported by work experiences that have spanned finance, human resources and now includes full spectrum business through her entrepreneurial ventures. Leela is committed to finding ways to leaving the world in a more harmonious place.

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