Hope Chigudu

Board Member

Hope Chigudu is a feminist activist with decades of experience in feminist movement building and feminist leadership development. Over the years, Hope has honed her skills in organisational development, health and well-being; a philosophy of work/life balance enunciated in her book:Strategies for building organisations with a soul. She provokes, stimulates and encourages organisations to go beyond business as usual, to dig deeper and avoid falling into boredom, routine and organisational erosion. In addition to being co-founder of one of the largest women’s rights organisation in Africa, the Zimbabwe Resources Center and Network, Hope chaired the Global Fund For Women, Urgent Action Fund-Africa, and sat on several boards including currently, the Oxfam South Africa board. She remains an advisor to the African Women’s Development Fund.

Across the African continent and internationally, Hope is well known for her work with excluded and criminalised   groups, seeking out previously dismissed narratives from across the world and using them in the formulation of a new, amplified, inclusive narrative on sexual and reproductive health and rights. Using this approach, Hope has worked with various partners including sex-workers and LGBTI organisations and has developed a feminist political curriculum for sex workers. She also sits on the advisory board of Red Umbrella Fund, a global fund to support sex worker organising. Hope has contributed to the editing and/or development of a number of publications including, “Reviving Democracy: Citizens at the heart of Governance:” Barry Knight, Hope Chigudu and Rajesh Tandon, published in 2002 by Earth Scan.

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