Gender Justice Regional Programme

Gender Justice Regional Programme - Oxfam South Africa

Programme Goal:

Highly skilled, closely connected cross-regional women’s rights programme teams engaging with relevant stakeholders, collaborating and exchanging learning that is supported by a strong evidence base and can deliver high quality, high impact, high profile programming, campaigning and advocacy.

Challenges to address:

  1. Dual legal systems , rise in religious & traditional fundamentalisms leads to shrinking civil society space and hampers women’s transformative leadership and political participation.
  2. Across the region the collusion of capitalism and patriarchy exploits women in both the formal and informal economy, refusing to recognise and remunerate their reproduction as key to production and stripping them of land thereby keeping them from realising economic justice and freedom.
  3. A lack of response to addressing endemic and systemic violence across the region.

Oxfam South Africa Responses:

  1. Design Effective, Cogent, Responsive and Gender Mainstreamed Oxfam Women’s Rights Programmes
  2. Convening strengthening and sustaining Country and Regional Level Women’s Rights Platforms
  3. Establishing regional civil society KHs?? on EVAWG and Women’s Economic Justice respectively , whilst influencing and participating on the Oxfam Global KHs??
  4. Promoting Active Citizenship and Democracy with Women’s Transformative Leadership and Political Participation at its centre.
  5. Realising women’s economic rights in natural resource extraction, livelihoods and access to land.
  6. Deepen the analysis of the structural underpinnings of violence against women, girls and gender non-conforming people, and intervene through campaigns and advocacy

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