STARTING WITH PEOPLE: A human economy approach to inclusive growth in Africa. High levels of inequality across Africa have prevented much of the benefits of recent growth from reaching the continent’s poorest people. To combat inequality in Africa, political and business leaders have to shape a profoundly different type of economy.It must start with the needs of Africa’s women and young people for good quality sustainable jobs, rather than the needs of the richest and of foreign investors. Read more


 African poverty far worse than thought says Oxfam

In the past two decades, Africa’s rich have benefited immensely from unprecedented economic growth‚ while there are more citizens living in poverty than ever before.

Social justice organization Oxfam on Tuesday released a new report titled “Starting with people”‚ which details the crisis facing Africa’s poor and issues a challenge to African leaders “to champion new economic models”.“New data reveals Africa’s inequality crisis is greater than feared‚,” Oxfam said in a statement accompanying the release of the report‚ just a day before the World Economic Forum (WEF) on Africa‚ which will be hosted in Durban from Wednesday to Friday.

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Join Nosiswa from Xolobeni in the fight against inequality #Evenitup #EWF17
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Inequality is out of control. The wealth of the richest 1% is more than the rest of the world combined.

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